Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Nestor Peralta

Today, I spoke with Nestor Peralta. I was sitting in the front row of lecture when Nestor sat right next to me. Since the class wasn’t full yet, it was clear we were both giant nerds.

I am joking. Speaking with Nestor was pleasurable. I learned that he is a 3rd year like myself, is studying molecular biology and physiology. He aspires to go to med school and get into a practice with young patients. He weightlifts in his free time and enjoys the daily push to better himself. Through speaking with him I learned that he had a similar sense of humor as I did and was easy to get a good laugh with. A lot of the time you do not end up speaking to the person next to you, whether it be that they are not friendly, having a bad day, or just plain boring. However, this specific interaction was none of the former. I enjoyed speaking with Nestor and talked with him all the way through the exit of the building. I look forward to seeing him around in the future.




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