Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Betty Escorcia

Hello all, for this week’s Classmate Convesation I spoke with Betty Escorcia.

It all began when I was drawing amongst some friends at the garden, when Betty’s brave soul ventured around asking if anyone needed a classmate conversation. Lucky for me, I did not have to search around this week. I spoke with Betty about our interests and what’s in store for the future for each of us.

I learned that Betty was a big anime fan, into movies, and video games. She frequently played the video game called Overwatch. I could tell she was really into this because as soon as she mentioned it and began talking about it her eyes lit up. She has a lot of friends that play it so it is a space where she laughs, plays, and keeps up with friends as well. This reminded me of when I used to play xbox with my friends in middle school. A lot of hours were spent chatting on the headsets while playing NHL and Call of Duty. Besides that, Betty was also into playing soccer with some of her friends and her brother when she had free time. We got to chat abou the joys of playing a game of pickup soccer with some friends and acquaintances.

Betty is also a graduating senior with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Comparative World Literature. With these two degrees, however, she does not yet have a plan after school. Instead, she is looking forward for a fun summer full of activities! She had a whole schedule already. Among some of the activities, she planned to go to the AnimIMG_20170503_153152710_TOPe Expo, Comic Con, E3, see Gabriel Iglesias, watch Mexico v. El Salvador futbol match, and go to the OC fair. She made me feel like I live a rather bland and boring life.

I was glad and sad that the last classmate conversation was over. Speaking with individualas in your class lets you really get to know all of the friendly people around you. However, it’s nice to not have to rethink through my conversations. I enjoyed all conversations.


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