Wk 8 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

Finger painting, easy right? It’s an activity you do in kindergarten. Make a mess, have your parents clean it, and live your life like an average kindergartener does. Maybe have some apple juice out of a sippy cup while you’re at it.

Wrong! Fingerpainting is a formless blob of thick lines and few colors, almost uniform texture throughout. Ideas in your head do not come together into what you would’ve liked them to and you end up frustrated. No there was no apple juice provided either, so don’t ask!


My room mate aka appointed artistic solutions consultant aka La Rosa (Elijah Yee) was wholesome and generous enough to sponsor me with paint for this project. I promised to not let him down and the bar was set very high.  

To start off my experience, my fabled unicorn piece of Reeve’s BFK was misplaced at my girlfriend’s appartment (yes I was willing to share that beast of a surface). So printer paper was my alternative. In all seriousness, I had an idea for the fingerpainting activity at first, I would have nice areas of color mix with the black and eventually have some orderly painting with colors fading to black. As I continued to put more paint on the paper, I added too much paint in some areas and should have let the paint dry more in other areas. It was also windy, so that was not helpful (Pro tip: always blame mild weather conditions and slight emotional instability for poor performance and mistakes). I ended up with a giant mess, it was supposed to be abstract! I decided to add some defining form to the final painting by adding a bold red handprint. The handprint decided that it was not time to save the day. That came out poorly as well.

So in case you didn’t already guess, no I am not happy with the results of this project. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the open form of assignment. I am generally pretty creative; it was liberating to be able to make anything I wanted to. The only problem was that my meaty sausage fingers could not articulate the dreams of my brain. To put my frustration into perspective, imagine trying to paint the Mona Lisa with the big baba brush pictured below. Not fun!big_baba_big_canvas_horse_hair_brush_detail_tip_bristle_view_with_dimensions_1.jpg


I appologize for keeping you waiting for my piece of art. Here it is as well. I hope it is more enjoyable for others than for myself.



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