Wk 15 – Art Activity – Designing Thinking Applied to Life

Possible future me’s:

  1. What I currently think I’m doing with my life. 

Currently, I am a mechanical engineering student who loves cars, has experience in HVAC, and is currently trying out robotics as well as human performance analytics. I wish to grow and experience design and manufacturing as well. As you can see, I want my feet in all the different disciplines of mechanical engineering, and I have a good start to it. The only difficult detail is that I do not have many opportunities to get into new industries at this point. Most engineers develope interests and commit to them fairly systematically. With that being said, I have a job offer in San Francisco and Los Angeles for HVAC engineering. Assuming I blossom into HVAC Jared, I will be living proximally to a big city and be making enough money to start making some major decisions with my life in the near future, such as house and family matters. I would probably then develop some work friends in the area, as well as keep in touch with my old friends and maintain close distance to my family. This seems like a fairly tame lifestyle where my work impacts major building projects and provides the unnoticed comfort to thousands of workers each day.

Year 1: Finish college and begin working at job

Year 2: Become established at job and recieve beginning training as well as certifications

Year 3: Begin managing some projects at work and start looking into graduate school in the area

Year 4: Begin graduate school and work simultaneously.

Year 5: Continue Grad School and work, possibly live at home still and look into buying a place to live after finishing graduate school. Make serious money.


Confidence: 10

Resources: 9

Impact: 10

Satisfaction 7

Next Possible Me

2. The thing you would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow

Okay so this is a pretty ridiculous idea to think of HVAC engineering to dissappear (Air conditioning is ancient compared to other engineering practices, and theres reason for it!), but if HVAC engineering would be to disappear today, I could work full time for my dad. He owns his own company as a furniture sales man and office space designer. He is definitely a people person and gets along with most of his clients in a positive work relationship. He has already told me in the past few years that if I were to drop out of college and work for him, I’d be making six figures. I have experience working with his job and have been doing part time work for him since 2012. I am familiar with the field, but his job requires some serious hustle and a professionalism that cannot be taught in schools. My only issue is that I have always longed for more specifics when working with him. My brain loves the feeling of accomplishment and is not purely business oriented.

Year 1&2: Learn learn learn. Perhaps set myself up with resources to help me succeeding in taking over more of his work, as well as investing time to make templates and workflows for myself in my new work place. I will also be managing a few clients and looking for business to bring in.

Year 3: With work in order, I will need to sort out my living situation and find out if there are other good markets that can be exploited with his field of business. I could possibly live there and work remotely.

Year 4: Set some working boundaries for myself so I can continue to grow as a person and professional. I will definitely need to focus on settling down in one location with my girlfriend by this time.

Year 5: Continue working and perhaps get married? Continue looking for new opportunities within business furniture and new applications.


Confidence: 8


Impact: 7

Satisfaction: 5

Next New Me

3. The thing you would do if you were financially secure, and no one would ever laugh, go ahead, what would it be?

I would probably be an inventor if I was financially secure. I love to learn things and build stuff. I always see things in a different way, but can not imaging this turning into a feasible career ever. I think that working on new, little projects can be very interesting, even if the work that is created is not a feat of science and nature, the concept of new asthetics or application of basic mechanics is something I could see myself doing.

Year 1: Learn relevant inventive techniques and fields, perhaps attend a school for design. Also, find a place to tinker with things, like a garage.

Year 2: Design and get hands on creative tools such as 3d printer

Year 3: Make presentations of work and achieve merit for my work

Year 4: Evolve into bigger projects, perhaps take work and find a specific discipline of specialization.

Year 5: Remain tinkering, work towards production and collaborating with others.

Confidence: 5


Impact: 3

Satisfaction: 8

In conclusion, although my dream job of a tinkerer would be fun and satisfying, I would feel really worthless tinkering around and not bringing in any deals or  gaining a steady income, and it would be a really difficult jump for my to ditch the straightforward and surefire path that my degree offers me. Job security is a reason that engineering is such a good occupation, and plays a big role in the future. Considering all of this, I would probably be the most happy and successful making my future career as my current path. Although the others would offer me an interesting occupation, the path I am set on will give me the most education and resources in a network of high acheiving people. I would also get the chance to evolve the most in this role.  All in all, I feel some reassurance in the path that I have chosen for myself in this exercise.


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