Wk 14 – Art Activity – Sketching in the Garden

Class in the garden raised some emotions in many. Of course, it was a far walk away from the normal matrix of classes. As I arrived and began to pull out my paper, I was joined by a few friends who noticed my prime location to capture the garden’s beauty.  Sketching the garden was promising to be challenging, as the background was a mash of branches, leaves, and other background details like pebbles.

The warm up activity was the beginning to the experience. I began by going over the basic details around me, but as I continued to make sketches (there was 10 of them) , I began to feel tired of looking for new things to draw. At the end of this point, I realized that drawing things that I was not familiar with was challenging and frustrating. In general, if you are forced to do something that challenges you and are not given many tips or tricks, you will end up frustrated and not wanting to continue.

However, I persevered.

I worked through the final few warm up sketches, and began to draw the garden for five consecutive moments. I was actually impressed with how this drawing turned out, but I definitely would have liked to put more time into the piece when the five minutes ran out. There were too many small details that needed to be represented in the foreground and background that were missing. I continued onto the hand sketch, which was a disaster. I did not know how to spend 5 minutes on a drawing without looking at it. I do not wish to post a picture of this drawing here.

By the time I reached the abstraction pictures, I did not really feel all inspired by the limited elements in the garden. After drawing so many different elements in the warm ups and the five minute sketch, I decided to stretch out a few elements and make them repeat. I found success with the roots of a tree, the water ripples, and the leaves hanging on the tree, moving in the wind.

All in all, I think my comfort zone with art is rather small, and pushing my boundaries is less rewarding than I would like for it to be. If the environment was more stressful than the Japanese Garden, I may have given up earlier. By the time my group had finished with their drawings, we were the last group of people to finish working through the assignments, and were laughing at our attempts. We took our time to leave the garden by looking at all of the fish and joking around.


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