Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Jeremy Masterson

This week in art class, I spoke with Jeremy Masterson. Because this was the last week of conversations, there were not many options of people nearby to choose from. I had a difficult time finding someone nearby, so I spun around and made eye contact with Jeremy. From this moment, I knew it was meant to be.

Despite him wearing a San Jose Sharks lanyard that hung from one of his pockets, I failed to recognize the sure sign of authentic fan-ship and mentioned that I played hockey in front of him. He came to life and asked if I was a hockey fan, and as it turns out, I was. We both were San Jose Sharks fans, in a land near the hated LA Kings and the respected Anaheim Ducks.

Because the Sharks recently got knocked out of the playoffs by the upcoming team, the Oilers, who are a usual bust, we had some decent material to discuss. We spent most of the brief discussion talking about the disappointments that this season had brought the Sharks, and the end of a legacy that 1st round draft pick overall and hall of famer Joe Thornton and well known team mate Patrick Marleau would not be returning to the ice the next season. When the realization hit we both got kind of quiet and shared a moment of silence as we realized what the future has in store for the Sharks.

And with that, we left the classroom. It was nice to run into another hockey fan!

Jeremy’s wordpress is Itsmywebsiteweb.wordpress.com.Untitled


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