Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez


Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Salvática (wild)

Media: Oil, Acrylic, Canvas

Gallery: Werby Gallery


Laura Lope is a master’s student who is inspired by the jungle. She thinks that the jungle is a melting pot of life, a living mash up that has its own unique heartbeat. It thrives, beatifully. She is influenced directly by nature as it has always amazed her how nature has always found a way to adapt to the current situations that it ends up in. She thinks it is a great metaphor to live by and it inspires her to take her own roots and grow as a person.


Laura’s work contains thick brush strokes containing bright and light colors with popping contrast and short patternwork. The scenery in the background is usually blown away by the bright foreground containing pieces of nature such as trees, leaves, and water.


The pieces in the gallery are big and bold, and the variety of color used in each piece shows a large contrast that grabs attention. Laura chose to paint typical scenery in big forests, such as a flowing river, a jungle cat, and beautiful trees. I think that these help shed light on her theme because it shows many different colorful elements coming together into a beautiful, thriving piece of art that does not seem to stick with contemporary values in color painting.


The moment I walked into Laura’s gallery, I was instantly amazed by how big and colorful each piece was. I enjoyed the bold statement that each piece looked like it was making. After taking a closer look at the paintings, I had decided that I had not seen anything else like it before. I think her main point about thriving was shown as the roots of trees going deep below the surface of the picture. It was amazing to see how colors such as pink, yellow, red and even light blue make up scenery that is usually full of darker colors such as browns, dark greens, and combined with dark lighting. I also think this choice of coloring was an interesting way to represent these images and allowed the viewer to interact and attempt to perceive each image in their own way, rather than just having a painting exist similar to how nature makes it.



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