Wk 13 – Classmate Conversations – Courtney Clyde

For this weeks classmate conversation, I spoke with Courtney Clyde.

Although zombied from previous tests in the week, Courtney and I had an enjoyable conversation and shared a little bit about ourselves with each other. I learned she is a second year student at CSULB and she was on a fast track to graduate in three and a half years. Because she liked to help people out and felt inclined to become involved in physical therapy after going through many sessions of it, she wants to go to grad school for physical therapy.

I also learned that Courtney was originally at CSULB to be a track athelete, but was injured so now she just plays on the club soccer team. I can imagine how bad it would feel to be barred from the thing you are great at. Personally, I have missed out on several playoffs, seasons, and sports due to injury. I had a lot in common with Courtney, as I was also a serious athelete before injury got the best of me. It was interesting to hear all of the different physical challenges that Courtney put herself through. Courtney’s knee injury was very similar to mine, as it sounds. We both put up with pain after prolonged use. It sounds like it is becomming a more common thing as today’s youth are constantly going through many different sports and constantly exercising.

Courtney and I’s conversation seemed to cover a lot of detail and it seemed that we were both genuinely tuned into the conversation. It was a personal experience, rather than a quick meet and greet. I enjoyed the conversation.


You can find Courtney’s wordpress at courtneyclydeweb.wordpress.com.IMG_20170426_145640925 (1).jpg


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