Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Patrick Williams


Artist: Patrick Williams

Exhibition: Revisionists Present

Media: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Gallery: Werby Gallery


Patrick Williams


Digitized monotonic print is covered with textured strokes from what appears to be a brush. There is a background that is covered with traditional markmaking which provides direction and additional meaning to the peice. Parts of each piece appear to have some sort of graffiti style as well as a digital media production tool such as MS paint.


Some of the imagery mixed the digital feel provided by circular marks and lines with handmade gradients and textures that could only be produced by the artists brush. Some pictures have blobs that allow the viewer to appreciate the direction and sheen of each blob, rather than look directly past it. There was a lot of handwritten scribbly lines on each piece that tastefully reminded the viewer that perfection was not the goal, but rather following each line.


I enjoyed viewing Patrick Williams’ gallery due to the texture within each piece. Usually, texture is not as emphasized as it was in his pieces. I think the unique finished look of each of his pieces were wonderfully descriptive and rather difficult to perfect in one stroke. I especially liked a folding gray scratch of acrylic across one of his canvasses that engulfed the majority of the subject space. Prior to making this mark, Patrick had to build up the background and just rely on his smooth hands to take care of the final mark of this piece that is truly captivating and makes you want to reach out and touch it. It even extended past the canvas just enough to pop out at you as if it was saying, “I’m real!”. I also liked the element he included which was how computerized circular lines were traced out and filled out with hand painted brushes. It was an interesting take on an ugly aspect of digital artistry and showed how man made markings are prevalent in expression as opposed to machine based ones.

I enjoyed this gallery and look forward to seeing more in the future.


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