Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Gabriella Salazar and Jacob Siciliano

For this week’s conversation, the assignment was to talk with two classmates instead of one. In order to challenge myself, I decided to carry out the conversation as I normally would and make mental notes of the experience.

I conversed with Gabby Salazar and Jacob Siciliano this week. As we began to chat throughout our experiences at the art exhibits, it became evident that Jacob (freshman) was the class leader in points. He managed to describe the words phallic and visceral to Gabby (senior) and I (junior). It was a humbling experience to say the least.

Aside from that, Jacob was dressed very sharply and was planning on being a model after art class. Hailing from Lancaster, California, he is passionate about films and photography. His favorite subject to photograph is nature but he wishes to get involved with portrait photography. As I am not a movie fanatic, he managed to spew out many names that I have only heard of once or twice in my life. Aside from an impeccable vocabulary and sleek fashion, Jacob went hiking on his Spring Break to take pictures at Devils Punch Bowl. Gabby and I love hiking as well, and have never heard of this destination before. I am excited to check it out one day. Jacob feels that a camera has intrinsic value to his persona and even had it on him during the class. Jacob also participates in the college beat as of this semester and produces content for them. He likes jazzy music, and ambient music as well. Jacob plays the acoustic guitar very freely, but enjoys some good ol fashioned indie electric guitar. I have never heard of his favorite bands before.

Gabriella, on the other hand, was good company in our group as well. She cracks a lot of jokes and knows how to make you laugh. Upon speaking with her when first getting to know her, we had a conversation about the best place to go to the bathroom on campus. Needless to say, we have been friends since.  She is a Political Science major, graduating in 5 weeks, and comes from Bakersfield. She enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, and her pet dog. She is a huge fan of driving down 7th street during rush hour traffic. I picture that an ideal day for her would be baking goods for herself and her pet, and then going on a hike with her dog. She would probably picnic with her baked goods on her hike, and then leave the natural scenery just in time to get to Long Beach 7th street rush hour traffic.

I had a fantastic time drawing my ID card with these people and will see them around in the future.





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