Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Nichole Borgo


Artist: Nichole Borgo

Exhibition: Finding All the Pieces and How They Fit Together

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery


Nichole Borgo is a CSULB student pursuing her BFA in Ceramics. She finds interest in memorable objects and wants to preserve the beautiful fleeting moments of life. She works with pictures and clay slabs. She distorts her memories but captures teh feelings within them.


The clay slabs used in the art contain pictures stretched across them. There are also whispy wires that connect different pictures and link them together. The paint on the blocks looks weathered and old fashioned; well baked onto each slab.


Some of the pictures on the slabs were remeniscent of a clay mission, with red clay, a creamy white backdrop, and blotchy colors. Some of the edges look temperature scored and the clay adds a home made touch to the experience. Stacks of clay blocks add different dimensions to each 3 dimensional clay block, and random spacing of each picture added to the flow of memory essence of the gallery. Nichole succeeded in linking things together with her wiring. They appear as a flexible connection that can be changed, but exists in a fleeting moment in time.


I enjoyed Nichole’s exhibition a lot. As per usual, it was one of the few galleries without a shroud over its entrance. This element made the gallery more inviting. When I walked into her gallery I first thought of home made clay pieces and the memories in my life I have experienced. I thought of art vista — an art program in my elementary school, then 3D design into highschool. Some of the pictures and clay reminded me of older spanish style art. When this was mixed with clay I was even reminded of old adobe structures that had been introduced to me in elementary school. Furthermore, the clay slabs on each wall were layed out in a disjointed cloudlike shape, with each idea, thought memory whisping around inside of it. I enjoyed how some clay blocks were empty, due to the fact that it is important to look forward to future goals and memories made then. A life lived in the past is not a life worth living.

I enjoyed this gallery and look forward to seeing more in the future.



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