Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Brittany Waters


Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: clay, sand

Gallery: Dutzi Gallery


Brittany Waters was not available to speak with, but she is a senior Art student at CSULB who has a deep passion for the local environment, particularly the nearby ocean. She wants to see change in the community to promote a better place for wildlife.


The clay used for the turtles in her artwork looked very realistic. I almost thought they were storebought at first, each one was methodically so similar and consistent. The exhibit also contained natural elements such as sand and tree branches.


The exhibition spoke measures on the duality that beaches serve the community of today. Elements such as the beach chair showed the human use, while the turtles alongside the chair showed how it is also a place that nature thrives at as well. The turtle birthing also shows how important that beach is for the cycle of life they carry out. Turtles can not continue to thrive if they can not find a place to raise their youth as this gallery describes. However, human relaxation is such a trivial activity that disrupts a more major fact of life in this exhibition.


I was curious when I walked towards this exhibit, as it was not the standard dark room or the covered entrance that most different exhibits have employed in the near past. I enjoyed the pictures of the sea turtles a lot and did not entirely realize that they were the focus of the gallery. As I progressed I came across the main scene which was the beach chair and the turtles next to it. I really felt connected to this, as it was set in Seal Beach near the San Gabriel River mouth because Seal Beach is one of my favorite beaches down here. I usually head down to Seal Beach every Thursday and Friday, sometimes Saturday to go skimboard. Skimboarding is one of my favorite pastimes. However, the location of skimboarding is crucial to having success and progeressing. Seal Beach is a wonderful destination that I just happen to live right next to. When I make it out to skim in the early mornings, I always see the beach cleaning tractor basically sweeping pounds and pounds of debris off of the beach every morning and it is just depressing to see a beach in all of its glory get trashed with the most unnecessary and unwanted objects. I have seen enough clothes washed up to dress at least 5 people from head to toe, enough food wrappers to believe a factory dumps its trash into the San Gabriel River Mouth, and enough plastic and styrofoam waste to be in disgust. However, when I look around it does not deserve any of what it receives. There are only a few good souls out there looking out for that beach, and Brittany Waters has shown that she really does feel connected with it as well. I think this exhibit was eye opening for anyone oblivious to the issue.IMG_20170405_144219275IMG_20170405_144243511IMG_20170405_144251632


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