wk 10 – Art Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning – The Wedge

For this week’s art activity, I got to step into my comfort zone for the first time in these art activities. My Dad started his career as an architect and eventually evolved into a commercial space designer. He sells office furniture and provides floor plans in his business. Lucky enough for me, I have been helping my dad measure and create architectural floor plans for the past five years. I decided to use AutoCAD on this project for that very reason. Below, I have the current design and I follow up with how I propose to eliminate “The Wedge”.


CURRENT CSULB ENTRANCEProposed csulb entrance

Although my proposed plan only changes the simple right angle benching and granite wall within the scope of “The Wedge”, I believe that it is a simpler way to make a better trail for students to take.

When I first looked at the drawing I had made, I realized that the flow of students from both directions is naturally going to find its way into that crevice, the pathway before the wedge coming from the USU even turns towards the wedge, inviting you in. I realized that the shorter path should be embraced rather than filled in. I first thought about eliminating everything, then adding some overhead entryway to brighten up the space. However, the engineer inside of me told me that this was definitely not the most cost effective way to remedy this problem.

Afterwards, I decided that I should keep the columns, and the seating element the area had, while directing flow into the wedge rather than away from it. The new design offers more seating, allows a shorter path between the walkways, and closes off the other gaps between the benching and the columns. Although it would have been interesting to completely open up the area, it was not feasible. It also compromised the overhang that is existing over the walkway today.


In the future, I think students will not even notice my route enough to talk about it. There are several other bottlenecks on campus that people walk by without complaints.


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