Wk 9 – Art Activity – Graffiti Writing

This weeks art activity channeled my inner teenage soul. It was graffiti writing. Graffiti writing is a multinational movement involving vadalism of public and private property for the sake of art and spreading messages. In art 110, we used the essence of a beginning graffiti artist and made it into an assigment. We created a stylized bubble writing of our names.

I was lucky that this assignment fell on Spring Break. I travelled back home to San Jose and made use of my fathers plethora of spray cans and cardboard pieces. I picked through the cans and grabbed whatever ones had the most paint in them. Red, purple, neon hulk green, and chrome were the colors that were available to me.

When I began to write my name, I only had the technique in my head. Outline, fill in, switch colors, and then outline. Then continue to styleize. I wrote my name out in a fairly boring block letter styling to begin with, then outlined it. When the base was finished, my girlfriend Amanda and I looked at it and decided it was actually quite a boring piece of graffiti. We continued to add lines, splashes of color, random patterns, and ended up with our finished product. The surprising thing is, that it did not turn out as bad as I thought. I have pictured the finished product below.




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