Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – One Body



Artist: Bethany King, Toby van Der Veer, Janelle Hernandez, Stephen Lee, Lauryn Hutchens, Antonio Hernandez, Daniel Sunakari, Stephanie Chang, Liana Bak, Nathan Dickie, Azucena Montenegro, Angela Cho, Marissa Parks, Helen Lee, Lizbeth Roque, Andy Espinoza, & Haru Shafer

Exhibition: One Body

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East


Although I was only able to speak with two of the artists in this collaberation exhibition, I was able to learn that the general theme they were going for was community. The students were majoring in a variety of majors and were not specifically art majors.



The pieces in this exhibition were made from a variety of materials and had a variety of styles throughout them. Most pieces had vivid colors and smooth lines. Some pieces used more patterned texture, which draws the viewer into it more. However, there was still a large variety in the pieces that made it difficult to find a formal “theme”.



The exhibition was based around community, which was evident in the content of these pieces. Some of the pieces focused on different groups of people coming together through friendship, food, soul, and nature. The colors used in it are very vivid and warm, whicih is inviting. All of these pieces seem to be very easy to look at and promote positive emotions through their poetic messages and connection with the earth.


I was drawn towards this gallery on Wednesday March 22, 2017 because of it’s open layout and bright colors. Every single piece on the wall seemed to have a nice blend of message and art. As I was walking through the gallery, I noticed that every piece had a different creator, which made me think it would be difficult to analyze, but when I viewed all of them side by side, I realized that their themes all lined up in one way or another. I asked Antonio what he would make his own theme in his own gallery and he said friendship. His sculpture in the gallery was a group of pillars that connected with bridges. A common sign of friendship is the bridge. I asked the other artist there what she would do if she could make her own gallery, and she said the mixing of cultures. This was evident in her pieces, as she had rice and beans in a textured piece come together. I think that each of the different artists in the gallery had an interesting interpretation of the theme and managed to distinguish their work and message within the gallery. IMG_20170322_144700761



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