Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Garrett Ramirez

For this weeks classmate conversation, I was able to meet up with Garrett through all of the little groups that inevitably form within a big class. Through a brief interaction with him, I learned that he was a graduating 5th year Communications major from Wilmington. He told me he is a pool technician. With the weather in Long Beach area, I’m sure he has plenty of business to keep him busy.

After hearing the discussion in today’s lecture regarding studying abroad, he stated that he was interested in studying in Spain or Amsterdam. Those sound like fun to me too! We talked about travel for a short time and it made me wonder. What percentage of the student population at CSULB values the enrichment that travel and different cultures bring into ones life higher than that of the relevant coursework in their feild, or potential employment opportunities? I get a feeling I have met both kinds of people. However, I digress.

Garrett was nice to speak with this Tuesday.

You can find him at: https://garrett4ever.wordpress.com/IMG_9844


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