Wk6 – Art Activity – Zines and Books

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Art activities are fun experiences, but everyday life can get in the way of things. I began this assignment spending a good amount of time (~5 min) on the front page, but I realized all of the other things going on I need to take care of. Between cutting my index cards and binding them, this assignment took time. It would be fun to go above and beyond the time constraints given at this very instant in time. I decided to go with the theme of cars, because I have just finished taking care of some nagging maintenance on my car (~$200 in bulbs, clips, fabric, detailing etc.) that really pushed my buttons as of late.  Driving in Los Angeles has a hectic element in it that is both frustrating and necessary.

I was happy to let some of this frustration out in my art experience. I have three drawings in my Zine. One is an empty gas tank, another is a crowded freeway with an empty commuter lane, and the last is a car with the flat tire removed (not pictured). All of these experiences happen on a day to day basis and I know everyone can relive a moment of their life where one of these experiences killed them on the inside. I hope you enjoy.


Drive safely!



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