Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Carmina Correa



Carmina Correa
watercolor on paper
CSULB School of Art, Marylin Wery Gallery

For this week’s activity, we were assigned to let a picture tell a short story. Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words, so I am going to try here.

For reference:

Doge meme makes use of-  Keywords:

  • DOGE – see dog; pronounced “DOGE” * note: Doge is not a name, but an entity.
  • CATE – see cat; pronounced “KATE”
  • WOW – expression of excitement, surprise, and general merriment
  • VERY – important expression describing the extent of an emotion or form of expression
  • SHIBE – species Shiba Inu (柴犬) -Japanese root

Doge was a good shibe, he always wanted to play in the local park. Frisbee was his favorite game. He was a strapping young kanine, so he was featured in countless calendars and stock photos. His greatest work was done in the infamous Underwater Dogs calendar, where his signature tennis ball was clenched firmly in his jaws, and he was staring intently into the lens of the camera. After a busy life pawprinting many female dogs coats and posing for his pictures, he was inducted into the well known “Hall of Memes”. This hall, located deep in the shameless realm of the internet, has countless archives of annotated Doge pictures.

One evening, Doge was finishing up a game of ball and decided that it was time he took a dump.  He always wandered to his favorite place to “hurry up” as the humans say. Mid squat, he turned and stared right back at you, just the way dogs do (If you have ever owned a dog, you know what I am talking about. If not, see exhibit A).


dog poop.PNG

Not Doge

Background: The classic look back at it pose is a mainstay for dogs from many different cultural backgrounds. It is commonly preformed in front of innocent bystanders wanting no association whatsoever to a pooping dog. Alas, dogs continue to shame their owners in a cute fashion once again. 

Upon performing the pose pictured above, he relieved himself and walked away, tearing up the nearby grass. Doge continued to live on for many days and nights, in his private home on the country side. Days and days passed, and his favorite place to poop was soon surrounded by the hustle buste life of a busy city. Highrises rose above him, he could no longer see the sun! When he stretched his neck upward Doge could only see a glimpse of the blue sky and the occaisonal news helicopter that captured the day to day robberies, car crashes, and otherwise petty lifestyles of humans. Doge barely got by in his new surroundings. He began to act out like a teenage girl. He bit people’s ankles, growled at cates, and even humped everything in sight. It was a disgusting mess.


He was tired of seeing the place he loved become a hellhole. His last major calendar production had been published many years ago. Even Doge’s sparkly coat began to lose some of its sheen and youth. Watching traffic pass by was not even exciting anymore, there was always traffic. Even the cates poked fun at doge to aggravate him. Although they did not speak the same language, Doge knew they were talking smack.  When Doge’s worst moments were upon him, he could not take it anymore. In the midst of the night he escaped from his confinement and coerced his human to take him outside.

Doge was mad enough to take a dump the size of town hall.

At this very moment, Doge understood his time had come. Just before he had reached his peak of anger, he turned and used his laser vision(see tapetum lucidum) over the entire city. The evil helicopters instantly swarmed around him as he unleashed his science proven gaze that pierced through the night over the city. Luckily enough for Doge, in the midst of his rage, he was drawn by famous artist, Carmina Correa, and he continued to level the city to ruins. The savior of many pups, he now holds a very special place in the Marilyn Werby Gallery at CSULB in the Dank Meme exhibition.


Doge now has several memes in circulation and has been a success story ever since. He currently lives in Hawaii with his wife and children.





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