Wk 5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

Hello Everyone,

For this week’s art experience, my girlfriend Amanda and I have created an automatic drawing with Reeves BFK 22″x 30″ and Daiso oil crayons.

When I first walked into the CSULB Art store to retrieve the most critically acclaimed paper since paper was invented (Reeves BFK), I was prepared for the paper to cost some money. However, I was not prepared for the $7 price tag attached to this piece of paper! After a bit (a lot) of internal struggle, I strolled through the exit sign with a sheet of paper large enough to fit an architectural plan of a shopping mall, feeling like a baller. I headed off into campus. While I was heading towards my work, the wind began to pick up. Against every last bit of restraint I could muster, I decided that it was time I folded the paper in half in order to tame its unearthly tooth and freely cut edges. So my paper is folded down the very center. I do not think that this takes away from my drawing experience, but it does hurt to look at.

When Amanda and I sat down to create the piece, we first picked out a few colors we thought would look nice together. We started with purple, and let the crayon sit there momentarily. It did not take long until we were both pushing the crayon against each other, trying to get it to move. Once the crayon lost static contact with the Reeves BFK, every bit of order broke loose, and the crayon danced around the paper. Because Amanda and I were both pushing on the crayon, it did not take long to break. At that point, we just decided to switch crayons and continue our drawing. After our colors were used up, we each decided to add some finishing touches to our art peice.


Our art piece came out a bit more messily than I anticipated. I think that if we were more patient and liked less colors we would have gotten a drawing that was a bit more cohesive. However, I think that we still managed to enjoy ourselves and the final product. In the end, thats all really anyone cares about.


I took a few extra pictures for fun and I really liked the way the picture below came out.



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