Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Esmeralda Melchor

In this week’s series of classmate conversations, I spoke with Esmeralda Melchor. She was a friendly Long Beach native who is making her way through California State University, Long Beach in her first year. While I spoke with her, I learned she worked at a candy store over near the Pike. I asked her if she was hopelessly addicted to candy, expecting the worst. It turns out that she’s actually sick of candy and has zero cravings towards sweets. Maybe one day I can achieve her level of mastery. I just barely made it out of a terrible dare-turned-reality meatless January, and I am dearly missing my meat products.

She enjoys doing all of the other art activities in class, as do I. We discussed our art project “Corpse Landscape” plans a little further and also talked about the plaster casting at Seal Beach.

I asked her what the color read meant to her. She said that red meant love or hate, depending on the context. I agree with her position, many emotions come from just a few colors. Context is everything when it comes to this topic.

Below is our picture.


We both look forward to more! Stay tuned for my next blog posting with my “Corpse Landscape”.

You can find her wordpress at http://esmeraldamelchor.wordpress.com


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