Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

Hello everyone!

For this week’s Art Experience, we were given the opportunity to orchestrate our deaths.

For some background, this idea was inspired by a photographer notorious for “Death Landscapes”. His name is Izima Kaoru.

When I began brainstorming my “ideal” death, a few different approaches came to mind. I actually had 4 or 5 ideas pop into my head, which seems kind of morbid. But I digress…

I considered the funny approach, one that showed me dying in a way that seems oxymoronic. Perhaps a vegetarian leaving Whole Foods with some organic produce being hit by a bus. Then I considered a death that could have been purely beautiful. Sweeping fields, birds flying everywhere, and my dead body. I mean, who doesn’t love the look on a dead guy, am I right? Shortly after these ideas, I landed on the idea that embraced the idea that death is the end of something, as well as pain.

I have tons and tons of hobbies. I love to learn new categories and get my hands on all sorts of things. Sometimes, I will pick up a hobby I only give time to a few moments of the year. This topic made me think through all of those hobbies. It made me think a little more deeply at things that have come and gone over the years, and one thing from both of these categories really stuck in my head.

Freshman year, I trained for and ran the LA Marathon with a few friends. I’m not a huge fan of distance running, but I’m one motivated individual.

So I trained for the marathon, and put in the hours. Those are some serious hours, and the mileage racks up pretty quickly as well. I completed the marathon in 4 hours and 23 minutes, and could hardly walk from exhaustion after.

After I had a day’s rest, it was Monday (who made Marathon Sunday anyways?), and I had to walk to class on upper campus. The only problem was, me right knee gave me a sharp pain upon every step. Long story short, I didn’t run for a good three months after the marathon. When I started to run again, it was only so long before the pain came back. So here I am today, with a sensitive knee and my whole life in front of me.

I think that showcasing myself dead while training for the marathon is a metaphor. Not only for the pain that training causes, but it was also the end, or death, of my long distance running (anything over 3 miles with knee brace is pushing it nowadays).

I hope you enjoy my death.

wow that sounds weird.

Below is the “Landscape with a Corpse” Activity in its entirety.




I am in the distant background and gradually become the subject of the photos being taken.

Picture credits to Amanda Jensen.


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