Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation 1 – Vina

In today’s first class session, I had the opportunity to speak with Vina.


As the picture suggests, she was extremely serious and our conversation was strictly business.


It was nice to talk to Vina, because as Professor Zucman announced, she was from San Jose. I knew that I wanted to speak with her because I am from San Jose myself.

Vina is a second year Bio major student who works at Zero Express. I assume she enjoys desserts as much as I do because we brought up a favorite ice cream parlor (Penny’s Ice Cream) in Santa Cruz, Northern California. I have shown a picture of their most mouthwatering product below.



Aside from that, Vina frequents the lonely and tedious drive back to San Jose to spend time at her home with loved ones and family. I don’t blame her! I prefer the mountainous suburbs of San Jose as well.

It was nice to speak with Vina today in class, Art 110 is a huge refreshment from all of my Engineering courses this semester.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, coming soon!




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